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Olympic Games Preparation Centre

All the assets of our rowing pool make it a Games Preparation Centre (GPC).

Enjoy a unique adventure rowing on the brand new pool at Léry-Poses in Normandy, accessible via the Seine. Just 1.5 hours from Paris, prepare for your competitions on a fully equipped water sports stadium. You'll have access to the Seine and the pool from the launch point, so you can vary your training sessions in a splendid setting. Selected as a Games Preparation Centre, our accommodation, catering and additional services will make your organisation easier.

Dive into excellence with a fully renovated 2085-metre rowing pool in the heart of the Parc des Loisirs de Léry-Poses in Normandy. Designed for advanced training and national competitions, this sports facility offers ideal conditions for rowers of all levels.

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An exceptional basin

  • The basin is 2085 m long, with a width of 100 m at the start and 118 m at the finish.
  • There are 6 rowing lanes and 1 lift lane with an average width of 105 metres.
  • Accessibility: reach the pool from where you live by sea. One of the few docks to be directly linked to the Seine.
  • Riverbank design: the basin guarantees an unrivalled rowing experience thanks to the absence of backwash.
  • Our pool also has the automatic starters used at the Olympic Games. ( available under certain conditions )
  • Natural protection: A carefully planted screen surrounds the pool, offering protection from prevailing winds.
  • Natural stands : Natural grandstands offer an unobstructed view of the finish.
  • A finishing tower is currently under construction, making it possible to take efficient stopwatches.
  • Follow-up possible by bike along the riverbank.
  • Meeting room available for staff.
  • 10 minutes from the A13 motorway and 2 minutes from Val de Reuil train station.

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To find out more

We invite you to watch this short video to get an idea of the size of our site and the lush green setting that surrounds the park.

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"This basin has been the preferred venue for Normandy clubs and the League for training courses and competitions for 30 years. The Pôle Espoirs Normandie comes here regularly to train. The natural setting is magnificent and makes it possible to practice at all times, whether on the Seine or in the basin. The vegetation provides shelter from the prevailing winds. Sessions are almost never cancelled. On courses, everything is done on the same site, which is a real comfort".

Antoine BELTRAMELLO, Normandy Regional Sports Technician