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Trail Station

Our Rouen Seine-Eure trail station!

There are already 3 trail stations in Seine-Eure, with more to come in 2024. You'll enjoy a variety of landscapes and difficulties for all levels.

At the Léry-Poses trail station, you can enjoy an experience in the heart of nature, passing through the Lac des 2 Amants and climbing the Côte des Deux Amants.

The resort comprises 3 trails already well known to sports enthusiasts for their many panoramic views of the Seine hillsides and the Lac des Deux Amants.

The first course: La pression

  • Length : 8.41 km
  • Vertical rise : 22 m
  • Negative rise : 21 m
  • Difficulty : easy

This trail invites you to explore the magnificent "Lac des Deux Amants" in the heart of the Léry Poses leisure park in Normandy. It offers an easy stroll, ideal for stretching your legs and admiring the surrounding natural landscapes, including the vast 350-hectare lake and the hills overlooking the Seine opposite. After the hike, you can relax and enjoy the many water sports activities on offer during the summer months!

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The second course: La piquette

  • Length : 11.96 km
  • Vertical rise : 199 m
  • Negative rise : 200 m
  • Difficulty : medium

Starting from the Léry-Poses leisure park in Normandy, this hilly route begins with a crossing of the Seine via the footbridge at the dam and locks of the Poses boating village. You soon come to the remarkable "côte des Deux Amants", before entering a wooded landscape along the Seine hills, offering breathtaking views of the river. Alternating between more challenging climbs and gentler stretches through pastoral landscapes, the loop leads to the "Château des Deux Amants", offering incomparable panoramic views, before descending to the Poses dam and lake.

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The third course: La sans voix

  • Length : 15.12 km
  • Vertical rise : 292 m
  • Negative elevation gain : 293 m
  • Difficulty : difficult

Ideal as an extension of route N°2, starting from the Léry-Poses leisure park in Normandy, this trail offers a captivating gradient and unparalleled views over the Seine valley. Combining technical features with a change of scenery, this loop features a very rugged terrain - a rarity in Normandy - and a diversity of landscapes along the hills overlooking the river. The route, which takes in a breathtaking, often wooded setting, reveals numerous viewpoints over the Seine, including the spectacular panoramas of Les Deux Amants and Le Plessis in Amfreville-sous-les-Monts.

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So why not come and challenge yourself at this trail station and enjoy the magnificent scenery in the heart of nature ? To download the tracks to your watch, go to ONPIST