Frequently asked Questions


Does parking charge?

Yes, to enter Léry-Poses in Normandy, you will have to pay an entrance fee of € 5 per car for the day. This entrance fee contributes to the improvement and maintenance of the leisure park. Once you have paid the entrance fee, you can practice paid and/ or free activities.

Are barbecues allowed?

Yes, they are allowed. You can come with your barbecue on the leisure park without leaving a trace of your passage. Ground fires are prohibited.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, our friends dogs are allowed on the park but must be kept on a leash. For safety and hygiene reasons, they are prohibited on beaches or in bathing areas (cf: Regulation of bathing areas).

Are there accommodations on site?

Absolutely. We have 19 cottages located on the hill of Capoulade with a capacity of 4 people and 6 cottages for 6 people. We also have a campsite on which you will find 10 trailers, which is located on the banks of the Seine, towards the Mesnil Lake.

5 gites for 4 to 6 people are also at your disposal, on the quay bordering the Seine.

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Is there something to eat at the leisure park?

Yes, there are two snacks on Lac des Deux Amants. One on each beach. Sandwich, Kebab, Ice cream, Cold or hot drinks, French fries ... The management has been given to a private, we do not control these days and hours of operation.

How can I pay at the amusement park?

CB, bank check, holiday checks, cash.

Is parking included in the accommodation? Is it possible to enter and exit several times?

Yes, parking is included in all accommodation bookings. You will be given a badge to enter and leave the site upon presentation of your reservation contract at the toll booths.

How does the Biotropica offer work?

This offer entitles you to a 10% discount on your accommodation rental. When you enter Biotropica for the first time, you'll pay the full price, and thanks to a voucher, you'll be able to return to the animal park as many times as you like during your stay. The chalet weekend is €252.

Are there reduced rates on activities when booking accommodation?

No. All activities are extra and there are currently no discounts when you book accommodation.

What are the cancellation conditions?

All bookings must be paid for before you arrive. In the case of cancellations, we will give priority to rescheduling your stay. If this is not possible, we will refer to the general sales conditions :

  • Between the 20th and 8th day : 50% of the stay is retained.
  • Between the 7th and 2nd day : 75% of the stay is retained.
  • Between the 2nd and the start date of the stay : 100% of the stay is retained.

All requests for cancellation must be made in writing.